Friday, April 18, 2014

Wilder's Birthday Cupcake

Friday, April 18, 2014

on your very first birthday around here, you get to have birthday cake and birthday cupcake, apparently. ;) we gave wilder a cupcake on his actual birth day and made a little movie of him demolishing it. hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pre-Birthday Party Goat Farm

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

before wilder's party, we took the little guys to the Yellow River Game Ranch which is actually really close by, for a little petting zoo experience. it was very well-stocked with wildlife. as in, it had bears? and coyotes? and a red fox?! i really felt bad for them, even though i didn't feel bad at all for the goats, alpacas, rabbits and what not. i don't know. there is just something about caged up bears that seems not right. and also, scary. those black bears are not as small as i thought they were! i can't even imagine what a grizzly or a brown bear would be like up close.

anyways, it was a good time. wilder mostly enjoyed holding a carrot and wishing he were just a little more steady on his feet so he could run off and get bit by a donkey (family joke). we will have to come back and let him do that when he's older. it was such a gorgeous day, i almost wish summer would never come!

who knew the wild was in our backyard? yeah. 
feeding some goats. i think that's a goat?
the little goats kept escaping. they were all over the place.
i actually found these bears incredibly sad. i don't think they should be caged up like this; it's just not right.
and peacocks!
carrots! haha. wilder was way more interested in keeping his carrot. and maybe eating it.
there was also a coyote and a fox, caged up. :/
see? goats all over the place.
and one very wise old goat. we had to pay him a toll for his wisdoms. 
can you believe pigs get this big? i kind of like him.
and an albino peacock to complete the show.

Monday, April 14, 2014

a birthday party

Monday, April 14, 2014

over the weekend we had a little party for wilder. just the grandparents and one good little buddy to help wish him a happy birthday. it was so simple and fun. my favorite part was of course watching him dig into his own cake, which, as is tradition (apparently??), was way more cake than any little needs (at least it was mostly healthy!). his face digging into it was so perplexed and serious. it's my favorite face.

i had so much fun decorating for this party, even though the very little i did took me SO long! 
i suppose i'd know that if i'd ever decorated for anything before...we must really love this little man;)
"a whole cake just for me? say wha'??"
mmm, smushy.
tasty too!
oh my gosh i'm so tired, where's my nap?
the cardboard is really the best part don't you know?
literally stuffing his face with cake.
and sharing, too.
his very own pony from grandma & grandpa!
totally not sure what's happening.
opening presents is fun for the wrapping mostly.
and a real grownup cake too, because otherwise it's not a party, duh.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

my baby is a year old

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

wilder had his first birthday today. it was a bittersweet affair for me. mostly sweet, but also, truthfully, a little sad too. maybe it's silly, but i can't help mourning his babyhood, even though he's still a baby really.

i can't believe it's been a whole year since wilder was born. i feel like it was just yesterday. after we put him to bed, loverboy and i spent a lot of time looking at all our photos of him over the past year (as we often do), and i was in tears and also laughing so hard watching some of the little videos we have of him. we are pretty much in awe of how much he's changed + how much he's changed our lives.

this year has been the fullest, happiest, brightest, most hectic year. i never knew anything about parenthood until this year. i never had an inkling of the joy, the wonder, the delight, the love. i never even wondered about it, actually. i wanted kids—but it was an abstract want, as it is when you want something that you don't really understand. (like marriage, ha!) but so far in my experience, babies are the most wonderful things in life. at least this baby is. his little dumpling feet, his baby dimples, his fuzzy hair, and most especially, the way he rubs his nose with his fists when he is tired. his still quite unbalanced tottering, his squealing laugh, and the silly little things that make him giggle (like an unexpected game of peekaboo). the way he still munches on everything he comes across, the quick way he pops his head up from a nap, and recently, the angry, scrunching, crocodile-tear little face he makes (while balling up his fists) whenever he can't have something he wants. these are the things that dreams are made of. i can't imagine a better first year of motherhood.

i wish i could bottle him up at this age, because he is perfect. i suspect i will just keep saying that with each passing day. but i'm afraid i will not feel the same way about toddlerhood as i do about babyhood. do you know what i mean? babies! i never was one to care about babies. frankly, even other people's babies are not all that interesting to me. but oh gosh, this baby. he has my heart and soul wrapped up in that dumpling, dimpled little hand.

so, this little boy will be my baby until it's beyond absurd. but right now, thankfully, it's not absurd. he is still my baby.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

wilder in 2014, week 14

Thursday, April 3, 2014

yesterday we went to a new park near home. it took wilder a little while to acclimate to the lack of AC and four walls, but once he did, he was très content to be outside with the sun in his face, wind in his hair and plenty of wood chips to (try to) eat. this is part of why i haven't taken him outside more--this kid wants to eat anything and everything he can put his hands on. constant vigilance, mama! we also had a good time watching all the big kids running and jumping around. he was so inspired that he did an extra amount of crawling when we got home. oh this baby. i'm so glad he's still a baby. and i'm holding on to this crawling stage for as long as i can.

can't resist a few more photos of the afternoon:


Monday, March 31, 2014

a weekend conference + guests

Monday, March 31, 2014

this past weekend we had some friends from athens, georgia, who came up for a weekend conference at church, over to stay with us. they have a 19-month-old who wilder was just absolutely thrilled to have for a play mate. we had a lot of family time at the table, as one does when one has babies (doesn't it seem like its constantly time to eat when you have a baby? but i guess i kind of eat all day long too so...), and it was such a blast! i loved having adult company around, especially since loverboy was busy with service for the conference all weekend, and we basically saw him at midnight every night--at least that's what it felt like. however, the amount of time we spent in the kitchen making food for everyone has me rethinking our desire to have 3 kids...and i didn't even make anything fancy (thank you trader joe's for the frozen waffles, thank you prego for the spaghetti sauce, thank you kroger for the granola, etcetera, etcetera)! i have a lot more respect for all the mamas who made me so many home-cooked meals growing up. anyways, i don't have a sunday best recipe for you, but i did make muffins, granola bars, and greek yogurt, so in my book that is a successful weekend of cooking;)

my favorite part of the weekend was putting the babies down for bed on saturday night, and we mamas left a papa in charge (of two screaming babies, ha!) and went to the meeting! it was the only one we made it to all weekend, and we got there late, but i enjoyed that meeting so much. we got God's speaking, and it was like rain in the desert for me. it's not that motherhood is a desert, really, but it is definitely harder to maintain your enjoyment of God when you are so limited in your ability to go to meetings, spend time with others in prayer, be awake early enough to spend time with the Lord, etc!

and also, the message, which was on Experiencing the God of Jacob, was just so applicable to this time in my life. i enjoyed that "the Christian life is a life of struggling with God to be transformed by God into a prince of God." and that, eventually, Jacob stopped struggling with God and accepted God's choice. we may not like what's going on in our lives, not like God's choice for us, but eventually, by allowing the Spirit to perform His work in us, by staying open to the Lord, we can be like Jacob, who ended his life with blessing upon blessing, who looked back with no regrets.

sometimes, it is so easy for me to be full of regret. but slowly i'm realizing that the Lord has sovereignly arranged everything in my environment for one purpose — to gain me, to fill me with Himself. it's not that i would be happier if i'd only done this that and the other. this, this life i'm living, is the Lord's choice for me. and here is where He wants me to find him. whenever the Lord speaks through the brothers at these conferences, i am so refreshed and encouraged to pursue the Lord and love Him.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

wilder in 2014, week 13

Thursday, March 27, 2014
ww 3_27

i love right now. it is such a great stage. i've actually really felt that about each stage, but right now is particularly good. there's something about the brink of toddlerhood that is just amazing because while you are still holding on to your baby, he is doing amazing things like trying to walk and suddenly noticing there's a dog next door and reading his own books. loverboy jokes that we know wilder is my baby because he has more books than toys. i don't think that's actually true, but i wish it were;)

i can't handle that his one-year birthday is just 2 weeks from today. please can we stay here for a little (or a lot) longer?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

a date with my loverboy

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

for the first time in 11 months and 2 weeks, loverboy and i hired a babysitter on saturday night and went out on a date. i remember when i was a kid someone told me that you have to put work into your marriage. i really didn't understand it at the time, but having grown up with divorced parents and now being married myself, i really believe that our marriage should take precedence in our life as a family. even for our child's sake. i think that a happy, stable married life is a gift you can give your children. it is their security, knowing that you are happy.

however, it's easy to say that; not as easy to do it. i'm not sure why, but we have all kinds of excuses for not spending time/energy/money on our marriage. tragically, it's easier to spend that time/money/energy on ourselves or on our baby than it is to spend it on each other. we don't have it figured out, as we all know. but we are trying. and that's something.

after putting the baby down, we parked ourselves over at Parker's on Ponce in decatur for a long, leisurely steak dinner. and then we walked down to Java Monkey for a decaf americano, because it's not a date without coffee says my loverboy. you can never have too much coffee in your life.

thanks for the date, loverboy! it was so lovely.


p.s. here's a tip for your dating life: get all your fights out that morning, so that come evening, you're all made up and ready to be extra kind to each other on your date. ;)

Monday, March 24, 2014

saturday family date

Monday, March 24, 2014
B IMG_1580

i'm afraid that sometimes, when you've spent a saturday out at the park, and your baby touches grass for the first time and eats pizza for the first time, all on the same day, you have to post a million pictures of your heart. it's simply a requirement.

i've been looking for a playground with turf, instead of gravel, for some time (i really can't understand why any playground these days would have gravel), so when i found out that the Old Fourth Ward park had turf, i immediately made plans for us to be there on saturday morning.

what with the grass, the sun (so bright!), the turf, i guess wilder had the most perplexing and amazing day of his life so far. he didn't really get to nap much, but sacrifices must be made in the name of saturday, is what i decided, and so we went straight to fellini's for pizza and then stopped by the fernbank museum for some good old new fangled fake nature on our way home. it was possibly the most amazing day of my whole last year, too. ;) 

B IMG_1473
that sun is bright!
B IMG_1470
he was a little shell shocked to be outside and probably would have stood here the whole time if we didn't keep picking him up and putting him down in new places. 
B IMG_1480
B IMG_1491
my perplexed, squinty little man.
B IMG_1508
but suddenly, on the move!
1B IMG_15102B IMG_1521
you can't imagine what all we found down there. leaves! grass! cigarette butts! :/
B IMG_1542
missed a nap!

B IMG_1543
B IMG_1548
B IMG_1554
B IMG_1559
B IMG_1619
4B IMG_16433B IMG_1674
and exploring the fake nature at fernbank for some perspective;)
B IMG_1668

fake turtles!

to cap it all off, lover and i went on a date that night after we put the baby to bed. first date in over 11 months! that is something to write about. well, maybe i will, if you're lucky. ;) but for now, loverboy is giving me the eye so that i will help him screw hardware on to our finally painted kitchen cabinet doors. romance is alive! ;)