Monday, June 2, 2014

Jessica & Gabe's wedding in Austin

Monday, June 2, 2014

i'm finally getting around to posting the photos i took two weeks ago from when Wilder and i went to Austin for my cousin Jessica's wedding. it was so beautiful! my photos really don't do it justice. i was amazed just walking out of the airport when we landed that it was May in Austin and there was no humidity. last year in may for my brother's wedding i felt like i had just stepped into a sauna when we landed in Austin.

anyways, the wedding was at le san michele in buda, texas, so only a 30 minute drive south down the highway. if you're planning to get married in the austin area anytime soon, i highly recommend it! the evening ceremony and dinner was outdoors and because the weather was breezy and cool, it was perfect! the vibe was very mediterranean bohemian, vintage, eclectic. très magnifique!

and my cousin Jessica was the most beautiful bride! but i'm not surprised, she's always stunning. her handsome groom (i can't believe i didn't get any pictures of him/them together!) was pretty stellar, too. ;)

and best of all, Wilder stayed happy even though he was about an hour past his bedtime from the start! he had the best time just wandering around the grounds, eating rocks, getting tickles and cuddles from my aunts and cousins, and putting in his two cents during the vows ;).

we had the best time, and i miss all my family and friends there so hard (and breakfast tacos! oh breakfast taco how i miss you! i might have had a minimum of 2 per day.). however, traveling solo with a toddler is challenging, to say the least. mainly because toddlers out of their comfort zone (at least my toddler?) refuse to sleep, while sleeping in your bed, so basically no one sleeps. yay! but my brother and sister-in-law were a huge help playing with Wilder a few times a day so mama pee and could brush her teeth in peace, etc. still being tired is a small price to pay for such a fun (and yummy) trip.

until next time Austin (breakfast taco!)!

so proud of himself for walking.
beautiful cousin Ashley
with my beautiful Aunt Mary and Aunt Cathy. i love them!
thanks Aunt Mary for all the love!
merrill, laurel, and Mama Ann and Granddaddy! three generations!
my amazing, handsome, rock of the family, Granddaddy. also, from whom my half-chinese brother gets his height and mysteriously Roman nose. ;)
gnawing on a rock.
haha, tickles!
the father and lovely bride!
cousins once removed!
no one look at the camera now
okay now look!
love these cuties!


jen said...

I pretty much want a little boy so I can dress him as you dress Wilder and give him a faux hawk. Adorable! And, great seeing you guys! :D

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Naomi said...

He looks EXACTLY like you in the 2nd picture. Exactly.

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